Matthew Cheung is a Toronto based metalsmith and designer, founder of Isochron. Isochron seeks to explore new possibilities in the world of jewelry, to advance the medium through material and production. Throughout the collection exists two dualistic central concepts: Eternity and Transience. The pressure of temporality is an impetus that is felt throughout every facet of Isochron. The materials present that have left legacies for people and places long past. Yet, even the most enduring objects are not immune to the passage of time. Things decay, corrode, and mutate, changing and evolving in often unintended and unpredictable ways. Isochron selects these materials, meant for creations intended to endure eons, while simultaneously acknowledging the anachronistic and ephemeral quality in each piece. This primal tension between Eternity and Transience is omnipresent, an acknowledgment that no object is immune to temporality, but is conversely more elemental and compelling because of it.

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